Gay Christian

Hello Sunshine!

I can't believe I'm approaching 3 months of being a Sydneysider! The last few months have been such a blur. I guess the biggest news is that I got a job! I'm working in project management which is what I was doing back in Houston. I'm really liking the company and am excited to go into work every day...part of it may have to do with the location 😉

A new chapter…well coming soon that is

Not sure how these things are supposed to start off. I had a thought to start a blog a few months ago and just got caught up in life. As you might guess from the site name, I’m a Texan who will be living in Sydney at the turn of the year….Tex in Sydney…get it?? get it?? ok yeah I was quite proud of myself for that one. Anyways, I figured I’d bite the bullet, pay the $3/month and start this damn thing if not for others to read, then for me to journal my experiences and maybe provide myself with a little therapy during the hard times and capture the good times for reflecting upon. Click for more...

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